3-Axis Compass GY-271 QMC5883L


mounted on cheap HMC5883L breakout board.
Like Boladge digital compass module.

(update 05/24)
Boladge HMC5883L Compass Module.fzpz (8.4 KB)

Source Files and new version:


Do you have a picture or link to the real part? Since the ones that I found on google are slighty different from yours.


Hi KingDarBoja


and own module


I asked it because there are “breakout board” variant for the same module. In this case, the one you posted could be named 3-Axis Compass GY-271 HMC5883L.

More info: Arduino Forum

By the way, pretty nice one :smiley: Can I upload it to fritzing after waiting for @vanepp part checker?


Hi, thanks KingDarBoja,
Renamed this topic title and I that it is mounted a different chip.

but one thing I can’t found… what is part checker… any applications or @vanepp 's reply or …