16x2 I2C LCD Part


Very new to Fritzing so be gentle.

I’ve had a look about and either I’ve lost the plot and its staring me in the face or its not in the standard parts bin. But, is there a 16x2 LCD that is I2C rather than the wirefest that is the standard 16x2 LCD? Or do I need to create a part / use an I2C module




googleing for Fritzing 1602 lcd i2c part (or ritzing 1602 lcd i2c part as I actually did :slight_smile: ) turns up:


which from only a look at the description appears to include one of the i2c converter boards.

Peter Van Epp


That’s the one I found too Peter. I think I’ll make life easier and leave a header on the board rather than trying to wire it all in until I can work out how to produce a proper part.




I’m struggling with the create a part issue right now (or more correctly will be again once I finish a different task) so perhaps I’ll have some pointers, as it isn’t at all easy and all the docs I’ve found are not very good (they tend to leave out a lot of vital details).

Peter Van Epp


@g7kse, Is this what you are looking for? LCD1602-I2C.fzpz (10.2 KB)


Spot on Steelgoose. Thanks very much



Thanks steelgoose
u are da best


Thank you so much for this. You literally saved me hours worth of work. Great contribution!